Packing and other necessities

I do not like packing. I don’t mind having things organized and neat, but I don’t like putting a bunch of stuff into a small space where I may not be able to get to things easily. Enough complaining. I’m packed and as always my suitcase is a bit heavier than I would like it to be. But I’ve managed to pack clothes, notebooks, pens, stationary, shoes and a number of other random things, enough to last my three weeks in Italy. I like to travel light, especially when I actually have to carry stuff myself. So my carry on luggage is as light as I can make it, containing only the bare essentials and everything else goes in the suitcase. Depending on how much I have to lug my suitcase I could move things into my backpack if need be.

I’ve also gone shopping a bit today for various things. I got a Moleskin notebook, my first. I’m not sure if I think it’s a good investment. I like the look and feel of it and it’s clearly well made. The paper is thicker than normal and the paper is stitched, not stapled, to the cover. The line spacing is narrow and I’m not sure if that’s going to make writing harder. I guess I’ll found out once I start writing. I got a pack of three for $16.95 and that’s pretty steep for 120 pages in each book. I also got a smaller pocket notebook for taking notes on the fly. Besides that I picked up a plug adapter (I’m not taking any electronics besides my netbook which has a power brick).

In conclusion I dislike packing, but I’m packed anyway. Now back to waiting for laundry to finish so that I can wrap up things up for the night.


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